Vivoda Winemakers


Malvazija is Istra's best known white wine sort and winemakers like the Vivoda family from Rovinj make sure quality follows tradition through years of their artisan practice. Malvazija St. Euphemia was named after the patron saint of Rovinj, Sveta Eufemija and the design of the label pays homage to her story and Istrian folklore.

​The label references St. Euphemia's martyrdom in the teardrop symbol, and the Istrian traditional head ornament for women in the form of a white triangular cover. Its inner side carries a brief note on the history of the vine sort malvazija, typical for the region, which was brought by Venetians from Greece. he design combines the care and dedication to folklore in Istrian people, the respect for their saints and love for winemaking in this part of Croatia known for a difficult history, famine, and resilience of Istrians. 

Use of negative space for a captivating design that doesn't engage in colour or aggressive type. The large white surface of the label dresses the bottle in modesty while inviting to explore the visual and historical references made.